Our history

The history of this young company stems from the desire to return to respect for the environment, to the elegant and refined, to the practical and comfortable, to the beautiful and above all to love.

The belief that everything is born from love is the principle on which this company was born, lives and grows every day: love for beauty, love for all the nuances of the human being, love for creativity, love for all that is natural.

Only by loving and respecting one's neighbor and one's work can creations be born that excite and speak of their history. Upon entering the company, customers, collaborators and suppliers experience the pleasant sensation of being at home.

In the offices there is a constant exchange of experiences, judgments and opinions which enrich everyone and contribute to everyone's growth. In this small workshop of dreams, our creations are born, which enhance the precious manufacturing culture of our country. All the costumes are handmade by our Italian seamstresses, in pure cotton in full respect of children's sensitive skin.

Express shipping

We guarantee express shipments for our products